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Team building escape game

We declare war on boring team building games!

Individual challenges, joint success

Every team faces a unique challenge which involves following clear rules in order to reach their common goal - and that's precisely what makes them a team. A successful company depends on the ability of its employees to work efficiently together as a team. For that to happen, employees must be motivated to do their very best in the workplace. Individual knowledge is most valuable when it is part of a well-rounded, supportive team creatively working towards a common goal. While playing together you can discover hidden talents and strengths. The time-limit and stressful situations simulated in our escape games push participants to cooperate and make faster decisions. The goal can only be reached together.

Let's be successful together!

Besides shaping your team, escape games can help make problem-solving within your organization a lot more efficient. Developing communication and problem-solving in a playful way may be the key to success. Escape games develop skills and attitudes crucial to successful business operations. This team building game will promote cooperation skills, empathy, self-awareness, responsibility, risk taking, concentration, confidence and optimism. We recommend our escape games as an exciting and revolutionary method of team building.

Live-Avatar Online Teambuilding

Team building for remote teams? You have just found it! As the number of remote jobs are increasing and more and more people work form home, or the project setting requires a team that is distributed around the globe we’ve developed the live-avatar online escape rooms to enable the team and colleagues to play together even when they are located on different geographical locations. During the live-avatar escape game, the team joins into a video conference, hosted by the onsite game master. And they will search the room exactly as they were on the site themselves. This ensures that the experience is also the same as they would be in a real escape room.

People who played with us

People who played with us

How about using the most popular Team Building program for Human Resources purposes?

Escape rooms are very popular team events that appeal to all human senses and can be adapted very flexibly to customer requirements. This makes our missions the perfect basis for experience-based trainings and can also be used as a cutting-edge recruiting tool.